Chesapeake Christian Education

Scheduling time for a math tutor is easy when you can do it online through Skype.

If you need to learn how to take math tests and be comfortable takings tests in class, you can practice online.

One of our goals is to have exceptional students and faculty who care for one another.

Tutoring your child in math is something that can be done online via Skype and their TalkAndWrite solution.

We want all parents to know that lying and cheating are not tolerated in either of our schools.

We offer a series of math tutorials that are geared to help you increase your math skills.

Sometimes the student body will gather together for an all-worship chapel as part of their day.

Learning about measuring angles or using algebra calculators is easier for some people if they see it in video form rather than reading the information.

Unless you call and ask, you may not know that you may be eligible for financial aid.

When math is a struggle for your child, a math tutor may be the answer.

Math homework is not as easy these days as it used to be, so if you need help, come to us.

Paying for a math tutor can be expensive, so using free videos is a great option.

Your child will be taught academic excellence with a spiritual emphasis at our Christian academy.

Musical instruction is something that your child might be interested in rather than sports.

For the best free videos for basic math, algebra and calculus, check out our online math help.

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